Aerobics for weight loss

aerobica-dlya-pohudeniyaThe effectiveness of aerobics for weight loss
It was proved in the 60s of the last century. Enthusiast and
Kenneth Cooper became the founder of this wellness method.
american doctor

In a general sense, aerobics involves various types of physical
activity, mainly in the open air: riding on
cycling or skating, running, swimming, walking.

However, in our modern view, aerobics is
active exercise for weight loss that pass
to the music in the gym.

A huge number of complexes have been developed for today.
similar exercises, and for several decades, they
are extremely popular.

Modern aerobics for weight loss

As a rule, aerobics classes are held in a group, and
An important element of their implementation is proper breathing.
However, you can do it yourself, going to the pool
or go for a walk in the park in quick steps.

The result of these lessons will be shown not only in the improvement of work.
respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In the course of such
activity, calories are inevitably burned – and thus decreases

In any sports club today offers aerobic exercises.
for weight loss. If there is no opportunity to attend such a club, you can
purchase a DVD and master the training program at home
on their own. And, of course, regularly resort to classes.

Many of those who were looking for quick and efficient
ways of losing weight in the end turned their attention exactly
on aerobics. And this choice is quite justified.

During the workout, in the first 20-30 minutes is intense
burning carbohydrates – the main “fuel” of the body. After
their stock will run out, fats are starting to be consumed. The longer the person
gets exercise, the faster the fat is burned. Believed
that, after running a year, you can achieve that fat starts
disappear already on the 10th minute of the workout. Different types of aerobics
allow everyone to choose a class of activities to their liking.



The advantage of this method is that it does not
will require neither special conditions nor additional costs.

Those who have not been involved in physical exercise for a long time can begin to join.
to a healthy lifestyle just from walking. Burning 100 kcal
will require a one-and-a-half-kilometer walk at a fairly fast pace.
If you want to achieve tangible results of losing weight, walking
will have to devote 30-45 minutes, about 4-5 times a week.

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Popular once jogging still remains relevant.
After all, it does not need to go to the stadium – you can run and in
near your own home, and on the treadmill.

Subject to certain rules, running turns out to be quite
it is useful both for a figure, and for cardiovascular system.

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техника + программа“

Aerobics to the music

Dance aerobics

Very popular with the fair sex
пользуется танцевальная аэробика for weight loss. Really,
it can be quite moving
nice – and very useful.

Not only improves the overall tone of the body, but also improves
mood, heart activity, flexibility and lightness appear
movements. And the results in terms of weight loss appear if
workouts will be quite frequent – 4-5 times during the week.


Step aerobics

For this type of training, special step-platforms are used,
increase the intensity of training. Use of such platforms
It gives the opportunity to improve the load acting on
�”Problem” areas – hips, buttocks, waist.

Performing step aerobics for an hour, you can burn
huge amount of calories and also improve the condition
certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Water aerobics

A very interesting and enjoyable variety is aerobics in
water or water aerobics. It is considered a gentle kind of physical
loads, and it can be done even for pregnant or disabled people.

Water makes it easier to do many exercises, and on the other hand,
thanks to its resistance, ensures their high

Video exercise aerobics for weight loss

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,статья «Aerobics for weight loss. Video
exercise “)

To choose the best option for aerobics for
losing weight, it’s best to contact experienced trainers or
instructors. The greatest effect will give the development of individual
programs, taking into account lifestyle, weight, age and general condition
health Good luck to you!

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