Aerobics for weight loss at homebeginners

  • 1 Aerobics for weight loss at home
    • 1.1 Step aerobics
    • 1.2 Dance program
    • 1.3 Zumba at home
    • 1.4 Program for intensive fat burning
    • 1.5 Set of exercises for slimming the abdomen
  • 2 Video lesson

A home aerobic weight loss program will help
get rid of extra pounds, make the body elastic and
fit. Such training is an excellent option for

Calm and comfortable atmosphere, energetic dance
music – everything is conducive to effective training at home


Aerobics for weight loss at home

Домашняя аэробика для похудения должна основываться на
following certain rules.

Начинающим необходимы:

  • Организованность домашних занятий

Each session must begin with a warm-up. Sports
the program should benefit health, not harm it.
Therefore, at the beginning of the session it is necessary to prepare the body for the main
parts of the program, and at the end to effectively complete the workout without
damage to the cardiovascular system.

  • The intensity of the sports program

Tune in to an intense workout. To lose weight,
must adhere to the non-stop mode for an hour. Only
then the result will be visible. You can not relax as during
workout, and immediately after it. It is not necessary
do every day. Two or three times a week will be enough. AND
Do not forget about water intake during aerobics.

ANDзвестно несколько видов спортивных программ,
Available for home use:

  1. step aerobics, supported by power load;
  2. dance aerobics for weight loss at home for beginners;
  3. fat burning intense aerobics for weight loss.

Step aerobics

Step aerobics наиболее эффективна для похудения в
домашних условиях
. It is held on a special step.
platform. Alternatively, you can use low
stool, step of the Swedish wall or simple ladder.

Танцевальная музыка помогает настроиться на
positive wave, so try to build a program
тренировки, используя ритмичные мелодии.

Exercises for aerobics for weight loss with
using step platforms:

  1. Steps. We make a step on the step platform
    First, one foot, then we put the second. In the same way
    return to the starting position. Working leg should be alternated.
    Another way is to take similar steps, but with your legs
    широко на platform.
  2. Straight leg and knee lifts. Putting one
    the foot on the step platform, the second is raised straight or bent in
    knee. We alternate different sides. Making the right amount
  3. The jumps. Exercise is similar
    previous, but we understand the leg in the jump.

Рекомендации beginners для качественной аэробной
programs at home:

  • Exercises for step aerobics suggest the maximum
    activity and endurance. It must be fast movements with
    maximum number of items.
  • Do not forget to include movements in all exercises.
    . Swing them up and up. Further
    you can even develop your own dance program under
    rhythmic music with the performance of several varieties
  • Перед основной тренировкой не забудьте в
    течение нескольких минут размяться. For this
    it is recommended to take additional steps on the floor or march on
    place with high knees.
  • To lose weight at home was faster
    разбавить аэробику силовой частью. For this руки
    weight the dumbbells.
  • In the process of training on the step platform, try to
    the stomach was drawn in, and the posture was straight.

Step aerobics является очень эффективной тренировкой в
fight overweight. It keeps the body in good shape and
promotes rapid fat loss.

Dance program

Aerobic exercise to the music will help relieve stress, raise
mood and get rid of extra pounds.

The program of intense dance exercises should
include such exercises:

  • jumps;
  • swing arms and legs;
  • circular rotation of the body;
  • squats.

All this must be done in time with the music, repeating each element by
several times. Only тогда аэробика позволит сбросить лишние

This version of the aerobic dance program should be
calculated for 40 minutes, at best an hour. During this time it is better not
stop and try to do as much as possible

Dance program, доступная в домашних условиях,
will allow to burn extra calories to actively fight the accumulated
fatty deposits.

Zumba at home

Relative to the new trend of intense dance
The complex to incendiary music is Zumba.

Zumba is Latin American dancing,
including both aerobic and strength exercises. For
classes at home need to learn basic movements.
Everything else will come by itself.

Zumba dance aerobic program is considered one of the most
various programs that just will not get bored. For
beginner “athletes” this fitness direction is just
a boon.

This effective fat burning you can practice
everyday. The main thing is that it brings pleasure.

In the process of dance movements to music
all muscle groups are worked out, surplus is burned
и улучшается общее эмоциональное самочувствие.

For эффективного и быстрого похудения во время выполнения
движений акцент нужно делать на ноги, затем уже следует
подключить руки
. Also dance elements can be
to reinforce the power load.

Program for intensive fat burning

Fat burning exercises at home, like any other
в аэробике должны начинаться с разминки и
stretch marks.
It’s not necessary to run the program every day,
но заниматься нужно как минимум 30 минут.

For получения быстрого эффекта в домашних
необходимо сочетать жиросжигающий комплекс с
strength and cardio exercises.

With a properly made complex fat will burn not only
exercise time, but also after their completion.

In addition to the sports program in the complex should be
входить правильное питание. Only такой тандем
will contribute to rapid weight loss.

The most effective option for fat burning aerobics
will be the alternation of such exercises as:

  • jumps and squats;
  • push-ups and pull-ups;
  • swing hands and tilts to the side;
  • squats and elbows;
  • exercises for the abdominal muscles.

A set of exercises for losing belly

Aerobic exercise for weight loss can be achieved at home
conditions of great results. The most important thing is their quality,
intensity and regularity.

You can remove the stomach and sides at home with
using a set of exercises:

  1. Twisting. Twists can be
    direct, oblique and reverse. Performing a complex supine with
    legs bent at the knees. Putting his hands behind his head, raising
    upper body and stretch straight to the feet. When oblique
    with the left hand we stretch to the right knee and vice versa. In reverse
    twisting does not work the upper body, and the lower. Here
    includes elevation of the pelvis, legs, simulating cycling;
  2. Strap. In the plank all groups are tense
    muscles and abdomen as well. You can perform as a normal bar, and
    complicated – supplemented with different loads in the form of push-ups or
    alternately tightening the legs to the shoulders;
  3. The program of classes using additional
    Swedish wall or fitball also
    will help remove fat from the abdomen at home. Leg raises from the position “hanging on
    horizontal bar “or from the” supine “position with the legs caught

At home exercise to lose weight belly
выполнять everyday.

Rhythmic music, dedication and good mood – here
main allies for intense strength training and home

Video lesson

For того, чтобы домашний фитнес принес достойные результаты,
better to watch special training videos. They will help
clearly show how to do this or that exercise at home

Video aerobics for weight loss improves mood and creates
atmosphere of “team” spirit.

ANDтак, видео программа для

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