Actual marine manicure – getting ready forleave!

Choose nail design is always difficult. Those who are preparing to spend
vacation by the sea, professional manicurists offer to apply
nails sea motifs. Such a design makes the image original,
fresh, and most importantly creates a summer mood. He will like it even
the most demanding ladies.


  • When in demand?
  • Color spectrum
  • French
  • Waves
  • Fishes
  • Other marine life
  • Anchors
  • Ice cream and cocktails
  • Slider design
  • Beach
  • Palm trees

морской маникюр фото

When is the maritime theme relevant?

Marine manicure is relevant in the summer or during a winter holiday in
warm exotic countries. Masters offer a variety of
design options that will go well with any way,
and will suit both young girls and respectable women.

What exactly to put on the nails, each woman chooses herself. it
can be: anchors, shells, small or large fish, sea or
other elements that form the marine composition.

Color solutions

Nautical design of nails means not using
only blue and blue. Color spectrum может быть
varied. For example, nails are painted in one color and on top
cause a pattern in the form of waves, anchors, sea creatures, or
allocate one or two nails using varnish of different colors.

Maritime style allows the use of a large number of shades
reflecting the theme of the sun, summer, beach holiday. Popular

  • celadon – from pale blue to rich
  • the color of the sun – from pale to bright yellow;
  • sand color – from beige to golden.

Classic french

Classic french всегда удобен и практичен, всегда
in demand. Not an exception french and nautical theme.

Masters offer design when the main part of the nail is left
without color, covering it with camouflage base. Such a manicure will last
much longer than usual. When the nail plate grows, it
will not be so noticeable and the correction can be postponed for
later time. it важно для тех, кто делает маникюр перед
going on vacation, because spend time on correcting nails during
no one wants to rest.

Sea waves

Pictured on the nails of the sea waves are great for summer
image You can apply them manually or using a stamping (using
transfer of the image to a special stamp, and from it already on the nail).

In the form of lush elements or soft waves, you can arrange french and
moon manicure. It is necessary to schematically depict the nail plate
blue, white or blue in the form of sea crests of the hole and

Marine design with fish

Beautiful fish with translucent fins, made
watercolor – actual summer print of 2018. Background and basis for
Such a pattern can be white or light gel polish. For
fish images need a palette and a few jars of bright
UV coated.

Right on the nail plate, you can stretch the color. For этого в
a drop of colored lacquer is mixed with a drop of base or top

Manicure with the image of sea creatures

Beautiful and not ordinary look on the nails drawings and applications with
depicting the inhabitants of the deep sea. All sorts of dolphins,
turtles, corals or starfishes make the manicure original and
funny. Create such a design is easy.

You can do it yourself. For этого на один ноготь руки
put application with the image of the sea inhabitant, the others
nails covered in blue or white.

An experienced craftsman in the cabin can paint with a thin brush
on a nail any sea animal, even a huge blue whale.
Of course, it will be only a few millimeters in size, but
It will look impressive.

Anchor image

The first thing most people associate with an anchor is the sea,
travel and fun adventures. Anchors, нанесенные на ногти,
always cause pleasant impressions.

You can decorate your nails with such a pattern by applying it manually or
using the slider. For создания более полной композиции, якорь
can be supplemented with ropes and ship’s steering wheel. Experienced craftsmen
offer to create an anchor from beads or use in design
other decorative items.

Anchor image можно соединить с френчем или нанести поверх
strips. Anchors обычно рисуют синими или черными, но в этом сезоне в
Trends will be brighter colors – red or golden.

Ice cream and cocktails на ногтях

A great idea for a summer, manicure for a vacation at sea is
an image of a cocktail glass, a glass of a popular drink or
Appetizing cone with ice cream. Such pictures look favorably on
bright matte background. You can create a design by resorting to the services
an experienced master. At the request of the client, he can make any drawing.
in pop art style.

Use of stickers

The modern market of nail design offers a large selection
tools for creating nail art, deserve special attention
stickers. Among all the variety, everyone can pick something up.
just for myself. it могут быть морские звезды, ракушки или целые
compositions related to the marine theme.

Thermal stickers for nails are very popular. Under
the influence of warm water, they tightly fit the nail plate,
hold it pretty tightly.

Usually thermo stickers are already completely
Formed composition: beach panorama, sea, palm trees and others

Using such stickers is very simple. Create a design with their
help under the force even to those who have never done nail
by design. A homemade manicure will take a few minutes.

Beachная тематика

You can depict the beach on the nails using a golden lacquered shimmer (with
small shimmering particles), smoothly turning into a combination
blue and white lacquer, which depict rolls on the sand
the waves.

Masters offer the option when a shimmer is applied to only one
nail, and the rest cover more calm blue. it
creates an association of a sandy beach with sea water.

Golden “pebbles” always stuck on the nail
beach mood. You can use any decor: bouillon,
round sequins, beads. You can apply a little glitter on the nail.

Tropical palm trees

Palm trees – растения экзотические и практически у каждого
associated with long-distance travel and warm countries.
The image of palm trees on the nails creates a special mood. To draw
they can be on the background of a tropical sunset or a calm sea.
Original palm trees look on a gradient manicure, when the colors
go from white to sky blue.

This season, designers offer to create a manicure in
Sea theme boldly use any ideas. Can be combined
scotch stripes and multi-colored beads, transfer whole to the nails
seascapes. But it should not be forgotten about the thorough polishing
and degreasing the nail plate. Even a minor defect
может повлечь быстрое откалывание и сползание cover.

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