Activated carbon for weight loss

aktivirovannyi-ugol-dlya-pohudeniyaThe drug is quite easy
purchase in pharmacies and retail outlets for the sale of dietary
food, it is made in the form of capsules, tablets or
powder, and it is attributed to a large number of useful and important

There are also suggestions about the effectiveness of activated
coal for weight loss, but at the moment there is no full clinical
research to support this statement.

Activated carbon is obtained from carbon-rich materials with
high degree of porosity, such as peat, coal, wood.

These materials endow him with absorbent characteristics,
which make coal incredibly useful for removing toxins and
waste products of the body, reduce gas formation in

The first mention of the use of charcoal as
filter drinking water from the ancient Hindus was dated XV century
BC. At the same time in Egypt, coal is used to cleanse
gangrenous wounds.

Large-scale use of activated carbon began in the XIX
century in England for the mass purification of drinking water, and in the early years
XX century in the technology of sugar refining. Wide use
poisonous gases during the first world war contributed
large-scale production and use of activated carbon
in respirators.

Benefit from the use of activated carbon

First aid for poisoning

Since coal has a high degree of absorption, its often
used to deactivate poisons. In the form of powder (or suspensions)
coal can neutralize up to 60% of the toxic properties of a substance in
gastrointestinal tract.

However, it is ineffective in strong poisoning.
acids or corrosive agents such as alkalis cleaning
liquids, kerosene, gasoline, boric acid, lithium or solvent
for paint.

Detoxification of the body

The positive effect of activated carbon on the body is able
help its natural detoxification (as an active
ingredient in the large intestine). Coal passing through
digestive system, removes toxins from the digestive tract, giving the body

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Diseases of the digestive organs

People with diarrhea or bloating are recommended
activated carbon as a sedative. A drug,
traveling through the gastrointestinal tract absorbs excess
gas formation, reducing discomfort.

Anti-aging properties

Research has found that coal slows the development of specific
cellular changes associated with aging.

Improved when used regularly.
kidney, adrenal and liver function. And the average
the lifespan of the animals participating in the study,
увеличилась на целых 34 %!

Cholesterol reduction

Activated charcoal reduces blood levels
triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol. What undoubtedly has
positive effects on the brain, liver and

Important to know: “The principles of the anti-cholesterol diet for

Fight against viruses

Coal intake significantly reduces development speed and severity.
cold or flu symptoms due to its ability to absorb
many of the toxins of active viruses and bacteria, without giving them, quickly
spread throughout the body.

Activated carbon is effectively used to combat such
serious diseases like dysentery and cholera.

The use of activated carbon for weight loss

There are two common ways to take it.
activated carbon, which should be followed:

  • The first way is to accurately calculate the drug mass.
    body losing weight, the dosage is determined by the principle 1 standard
    tablet (0.25 g.) for every 10 kilograms of weight. Your daytime
    the rate of coal should be divided into several portions, due to the fact
    that nutritionists do not recommend taking more than 6-7 tablets at the same time, and
    take 1-2 hours before meals, washing down with purified water.
  • The second method is more straightforward and, regardless of your
    body weight, has a fixed size of activated carbon in
    quantity of 10 standard tablets (0,25 gr.). Terms of use
    same as in the first method.

Длительность угольной диеты: 10 дней, затем следует
alternation: 10 days of rest, 10 days of a diet. The optimal amount
cycles of weight loss on activated carbon – 3.

Side Effects: Minor Side Effects from the Application
activated carbon may include constipation, diarrhea, vomiting,
darkening of feces. Serious side effects are severe.
allergic reactions such as chest tightness, difficulty
breathing, swelling of the lips and face. Also due to the absorbing properties of coal
may affect other medications that you
are taking.

Are you ready to try activated carbon for
losing weight?

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