A variety of hairstyles with curled hair(a photo). How to create hairstyles, winding on curlers and curling

Вт, 13 дек 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Curls, curls, curls … Of course, looking at a woman,
the owner of a luxurious hairstyle twisted and laid in
diligent or disheveled springs, we unwittingly feel it
lightness and youth. Delicate curls we always associate with
by some kind of “dolliness” and airiness that is so lacking with
by age.

We, women, always want very much, in our youth, – faster
grow up, and with each new year – look younger. Lady in “gentle”
ages can “play” in various ways and change, in
depending on the mood. Beauties are older using
�”Correct” hairstyle with twisted hair, able to throw off
a few short years, surprisingly, yourself and others.


What is the secret and how to create a hairstyle with curled
hair (photo)

If you are not the owner of natural curls, and customized
seriously on their creation, you must know about the special means
that allow us to “fix” the resulting curls and give them the opportunity
hold on as long as possible because it affects your appearance
and, of course, mood.

It is better to curl hair “clean” and dried, slightly sprinkling
varnish or using styling mousse. Separate each strand
from the main hair, apply a means of fastening.

When using a curler, press a strand of hair in the middle,
holding the tips with your fingers. Start curling curls
hand with the edge of the hair, around the tubular panel of the curling so that
It turned out the crease. Then when the hair ends are wrapped
completely, holding them with your fingers, twist the rest under
clip the hair, towards the hair roots. That is, we start
twist strands from the middle.

If you use special forceps (iron) for curling and
hair styling, it is very easy to create light curls by spending
minimum of time. Just separate the thin strands, twist them in
�”Flagellum”, then fix with forceps. In order not to injure much
hair, you can use foil. Cover it with “harnesses” and then
fix with forceps.

Using curlers or simple braiding requires
much more time for curls. In any case, hairstyles,
coiled up by any of these methods may already be
independent, regardless of the length of the hair, if they are slightly
shake hands, not combing, and fix varnish. Jokes
beautiful hairpin, hairstyle will receive an additional designer

Причёски с накрученными hair (photo) в греческом стиле

If you want to create a spectacular and original hairstyle, but not
you know what to think up, take note of the most simple –

▪ Split your hair into a parting if you are not wearing a fringe. Scramble
on top of the head, using a thin comb. Nachos should be
radical, fairly dense. Curly strands do not brush.
Leave them in a mess. Form on top
head volume, covered with slightly combed hair to
Radix was less noticeable. Hair over temples clean
backwards Fix on the back of the head with a small barrette
or with a decorative element to emphasize the hairstyle.
Sprinkle with varnish.

▪ Similarly, we do the following hairstyle. Radical volume
fix on the parietal part of the head. Hair curls leave
relax on the shoulders and back. Use beautiful
hoop or exquisite hairpins, will give the image a unique
romanticism and may well be suitable for a date or holiday
the ceremony.

▪ Hair with picked up hair will require more
of time. Curl your hair in a comfortable way. Shake the curls. Not
brush your hair You can make a light fleece over the entire length. Beginning with
the sides, we take large strands and begin, in stages, curl
hair to the root zone, putting them in an arbitrary roller.
We fix each step with studs. Particular care in the hair does not
It is worth seeking, because all her beauty is in ease and
airiness. Add to the hairstyle a beautiful decorative element in
as studs or barrettes. Hairstyle is ready!

Hairstyle, twisted and fixed in the tail – simple and
fast decision

You curled long-awaited curls, but time is not catastrophically
enough for styling? Not переживайте. If your hair is not enough
thick – create a pile over the entire length, if you can boast
with a natural volume, give your fingers a slight mess
hands Collect a “careless” tail on the back of your head or on the top.
Secure it with a rubber band or barrette. Hairstyle is simple, beautiful and
always up to date!

If the thick and curled hair of medium length pick up in a ponytail on
the top of the head, fix the rubber band in color and gently straighten, you can
get a hairstyle resembling a “bun”, because thick hair will
twist under the bottom – to the elastic band.

Делаем причёску с накрученными hair (photo) и тремя

A simple and interesting hairstyle that imitates braids, created from
coiled hair, by tying three tails.

▪ Slightly comb the hair over the entire length;

▪ Divide hair into three parts; •

▪ Tie each part in weak tails, rubber bands in hair color

▪ Stretch the upper tail at the base of the head in the middle and
wrap around the gum, as if weaving a rope;

▪ Fill the tip of the upper tail under the base of the middle;

▪ The following actions are the same as with the first tail;

▪ The tips of the last tail can be left free or
tuck them in, securing the studs.

This hairstyle is especially good on finely wound hair. On
it doesn’t see “inaccuracies” or your insufficient skills, like
hairdresser. To decorate it somehow or not, decide for yourself. Make her
possible with any number of tails. It all depends on the density, length
hair and your mood.

Hairstyles twisted into curls with braids

The perfect combination in the hair are curls and braids. Here
You can give full imagination and your ability. Notкоторые из
Hairstyle for sure you know.

Curl your hair in a convenient way for you if you are not
the owner of curls from nature. Separate the top of the hair from
the main part. Alternately, taking away the thin strands on both sides,
weave them into a braid. You can finish at the back of the head,
securing the braid with an elastic band or a small hairpin. Hairstyle looks
very original and stylish.

You can diversify this hairstyle by sending a braid into one
the side.

Onкрутите и слегка взлохматьте волосы. Separate several strands
on the crown close to the forehead to start braiding the braid. Alternately
grab a few curls on both sides and braid the braid.
You can fasten its tips invisible. Get the edge of the spit under
the main part of the hair, so they covered the “tack”. Fix
hairstyle varnish. Simple and sophisticated, it looks great on
hair medium and long. It will take a little skill in weaving.
braids, but having tried several times, you can easily cope with this

Women, whose hair is naturally curled into curls and light curls,
very often, dissatisfied with them and strive to create a hairstyle, straightening
naughty curls. Ladies that are deprived of this beauty, spend
enough time to make your dreams come true – airy and light
curls. In any case, we all strive for excellence and it is, in
the concept of each, – their own.

Whatever hairstyle you choose for yourself, the main thing
one thing – you must feel like a queen!

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