A selection of salads with sausage cheese – surprisingsimplicity. It is difficult to find a dish more affordable than salad with sausagecheese

Пт, 09 сен 2016 Автор: Марина Данько

Sausage cheeses undeservedly considered almost
third-grade products.

However, often they can give odds to many eminent
relatives, often represented by low-quality fakes.

And we propose to take a simple, inexpensive cheese, add
several products available and create a dish up to which in life
not invented blase Europeans.

Салаты с колбасным cheese — общие принципы приготовления

• Sausage cheese for salads cut with a knife or crushed
a grater The cell size does not have a special role and can
be selected at its discretion. Sausage cheese mixed with other
crushed ingredients or used as one of the layers in
salads. Grated cheese can be used for making such
diner dishes.

• Салаты с колбасным cheese заправляют майонезом, сметаной или
special dressings made from these products. AT
dressings rarely add spices so as not to interrupt a particular
the flavor of sausage cheese, most often for their sharpness is mixed with
chopped garlic or boiled mustard. Also refueling,
intended for impregnation of puff salads, mixed with finely
потёртым колбасным cheese.

• Салаты с колбасным cheese приготовляют как из свежих, так и из
boiled vegetables. It is added to sausage and fish such
snack dishes.

• Salad recipe is simple, the set of products is minimal and
affordable, and the taste is incomparable. And if you try,
show imagination and spend some time on the original
design – no one will remain indifferent to the bright treat.

Салат с колбасным cheese и капустой — «Осенний»


• 400 gr. white cabbage;

• three small cloves of garlic;

• one carrot;

• 100 gr. 72% mayonnaise;

• 200 gr. sausage dense cheese.

Cooking method:

1. Finely chop and slightly remember the cabbage with salt. If you have
it is impossible to chop cabbage in even thin strips when
ordinary knife, use a special, for cleaning
potato Strips are not only smooth, but also very

2. Cut the sausage cheese into thin short cubes and
send in a bowl of cabbage.

3. Chop the garlic on a fine grater, mix it with mayonnaise.
Season the mixture with ground pepper and season the salad with it.

Оригинальный салат с колбасным cheese — «Полено»


• four medium potatoes;

• sausage cheese, medium density (smoked) – 350 gr .;

• bitter onion head;

• two spoons of sweet cream butter;

• garlic;

• two dark maroon beets;

• 180 gr. medium fat mayonnaise;

• three medium-sized pickles;

• Dill and curly parsley;

• lemon.

Cooking method:

1. Scald lemon with boiling water or soak in it for about a minute,
then cut it in half, squeeze the juice from each half well and

2. Boil the potatoes and beets until fully cooked in different
pans AT ёмкость со свёклой добавьте немного уксуса, чтобы она
not lost in color.

3. Cut the onion into very small slices and marinate in
freshly squeezed lemon juice.

4. Spread a rectangular sheet of food film on a cutting
blackboard. Rub on it through a large grater sausage cheese. By his
spread the surfaces evenly with pressed garlic and
Shape a thick sausage. Wrap the salad blank with film.
and put in the refrigerator for 40-45 minutes.

5. On a new sheet of food film rub a beet with an even layer.
and gently level.

6. Beet layer covered with a layer of grated potatoes, and on top
Spread marinated onion evenly.

7. From the pickles thinly peel and cut
half centimeter cubes. If cucumbers are too watery –
slightly squeeze the pieces with your hands and place on the potatoes.

8. In the center of the cucumber layer, put the cheese sausage and
gently, lifting all layers of film, roll up a thick roll.
Cheese sausage should be in the middle, and the roll is not
wrap a snail.

9. Do not remove the film. Wrap it roll and put the salad on
two hours in the fridge.

10. Then remove and gently remove the film, sprinkle on top,
not too plentiful, chopped greens.

Салат с колбасным cheese — «Селёдка под лисьей шубкой»


• smoked sausage cheese – 150 g;

• salted herring, medium size;

• two carrots;

• one potato;

• large onion;

• sparse mayonnaise.

Cooking method:

1. AT раздельных кастрюлях отварите морковь и картофель до полной
readiness ATоду под картофель слегка подсолите, а для морковки —
sweeten Ready vegetables cool in cold water and remove from them

2. Peel the champignons and shred the onions, trying to shape them.
straws, and fry until done in butter, then flip
in a colander so that all the liquid is gone.

3. Clean the herring from the skin, separate the fillets, remove the ribs and
carefully inspect the flesh, removing small bones. Cut fish
small rectangular slices. Try your best
choose bones.

4. ATозьмите формовочное кольцо и поставьте его на плоское блюдо.
If there is no such device, make it yourself, from
folded in several layers of foil.

5. The first layer in the ring lay out pieces of herring, and on it
Spread the fried mushrooms evenly. Grate sausage on top
cheese, on it – potatoes. Cheese layer is sure to lubricate
mayonnaise. Cover the potato layer with a grated carrot and grease
поверхность салата mayonnaise. ATыкладывая слои, слегка придавливайте
every spoonful.

6. ATыдержите салат примерно с час в холодильнике, после чего
carefully remove the ring.

Салат с колбасным cheese — «Змейка»


• one small pickle;

• two eggs;

• 200 gr. tinned pink salmon;

• 300 gr. sausage, soft cheese;

• potatoes – 2 tubers;

• two large spoons of green peas, canned;

• a small clove of garlic;

• 150 ml of 45% mayonnaise;

• a pair of parsley and dill;

• A pair of black olives.

Cooking method:

1. Potatoes rinse well and boil in uniforms, in a slightly
salted water. Затем охладите и очистите peel. Cooked
hard-boiled eggs, fill with plenty of cold water to make it easier
peel them off the shell.

2. Place the pink salmon in a deep bowl, and mash with a fork on
small pieces. To bones do not fall into the salad, remove them
just before shredding.

3. On a large grater in a bowl of pink salmon, rub boiled
potatoes, eggs and cheese. He may have to freeze a little
for ease of processing.

4. Mix the mayonnaise with the chopped garlic and add the mixture to
the rest of the components, mix.

5. ATозьмите широкое овальное блюдо и выложите на него салат в

6. Cut the cucumber into thin rings and spread them on top,
�”Scales”. Place peas under the “scales” so that they are lightly
lifted from one edge.

7. Spread the washed and dried herbs around the snake. Of
olives make eyes. The tongue can be cut from boiled or raw.

Салат с колбасным cheese — «Подарок»


• a glass of boiled rice cereal;

• 100 gr. �Cervelata;

• two boiled eggs;

• A handful of black olives, seedless;

• 70 gr. carrot salad, “in Korean”;

• seven tablespoons low-fat sour cream;

• 60 gr. sausage, preferably dense, cheese;

• pod of sweet red pepper;

• a teaspoon of good spicy ketchup;

• a spoon of mustard with grains;

• four rectangular loaves.

Cooking method:

1. On a fine grater, rub the sausage cheese and mix it with
sour cream, hot sauce and mustard, add a little salt and
ground pepper.

2. Put the rice in a wide square dish in a wide dish and
lubricate it with sour cream dressing. Calculate so that the sides
squares were equal to the length of one loaf.

3. On top of the cheese layer, gently spread the sliced ​​straw
�“Cervelat” and also grease it with dressing.

4. On the sausage lay chopped thin short straw
pepper and again blot a layer of sour cream mixture.

5. Evenly distribute one finely shredded boiled over pepper.
carrot and grease it, like all previous layers.

6. Attach the loaves to the sides of the salad and lightly press them down to
they stuck well.

7. With the remaining carrots, a knife for cleaning potatoes, cut off
thin strips.

8. ATозьмите зубочистку и наколите на неё морковные полоски за
edges, connecting two opposite, and, thereby, forming

9. Peel the boiled eggs and separate the whites and yolks. Rub them
in different dishes. ATыложите по поверхности салата косыми полосками
separately yolk and white.

10. Slice the olives into thin strips and contour the egg with it.

11. Bread smear the remaining dressing, and in the center of the salad
поставьте бант из carrots.

Салат с колбасным cheese — «ATкусняшка»


• 700 gr. a tomato;

• 250 gr. sausage cheese;

• 350 gr. smoked or half-smoked sausage;

• two glasses of sour cream, medium-fat;

• a tablespoon of dried poppy;

• garlic;

• Three slices of stale white bread.

Cooking method:

1. Cut tomatoes and sausage in centimeters into cubes,
cheese thin slices.

2. Use a sharp knife to slice the bread into thin pieces and fry them.
in a dry frying pan until golden.

3. AT сметану через пресс продавите чеснок, добавьте мак и хорошо

4. Combine sausage, cheese and tomatoes in one bowl. Add a
croutons and season the salad with cooked sour cream sauce
mix it up.

5. If you do not like crispy crackers in a salad – soak it until
serve 2 hours in the refrigerator. Crackers will absorb moisture and
will become soft.

Салаты с колбасным cheese — хитрости и полезные советы по

• Consistency of sausage cheeses from various manufacturers
varies. For salads, thick sausages are preferable.

• If sausage cheese is rubbed badly and sticks to the grater,
lubricate its surface with any vegetable oil.

• To lubricate layers, it is best to take a more liquid mayonnaise
or sour cream. They are easier to spread over the surface, and they are better and
Soak the salad faster.

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