9 week of pregnancy. Fetal development and sensationat 9 weeks gestation.

Mon, Oct 24, 2016

In the ninth week of pregnancy, the tummy is not yet visible, but
the changes that are happening to you, especially in your behavior,
becoming more visible to the people around them. So if
you do not want to advertise your position, then do it becomes
all harder.

Changes in the body at the 9th week of pregnancy

At this time, your uterus has already increased significantly, and
It resembles a large grapefruit. Volumes are also increasing.
blood and lymph, which is explained by the preparation of the body to accumulate
nutrients. During this period, many women notice chest
the appearance of a blue “pattern” of veins that expand due to
new condition of your body. All this leads to gradual
weight gain of a pregnant woman. Some women start
experience shortness of breath when walking fast. Morning sickness and
malaise may still be present, but not so pronounced.
Suffer a little more, very soon, toxicosis will stop you

Fetus condition at 9 weeks gestation

Your baby is gaining weight with you, and in the ninth week
weighs almost a gram! His height from the top to the buttocks too
increases and can vary from 22 to 30 mm. Highly
internal organs develop rapidly – liver, kidneys and urinary
bubble; the cerebellum begins to form, which in the future will be
responsible for coordinating movements, forming joints and
bones are strengthened, and the rectal canal is separated from
urinary tract. On the arms and legs can already be distinguished
tiny fingers.

The face of the baby acquires its individual features, eyes
hide behind for centuries, and the chin is still firmly pressed to the body. On
this week, open the nasal passages and finish forming
ear canals baby. One of the main achievements of your baby on
this stage – the first, not yet noticeable movement you.

Possible feelings on the 9th week of pregnancy

In connection with the expansion of veins, this week you can start
bother with hemorrhoids, so for the prevention of constipation pay
attention to proper nutrition. Your diet should be
balanced and be sure to include prunes, beets, apples,
rye bread, milk and honey. Especially listen carefully.
abdominal sensations because, according to statistics,
the greatest number of spontaneous abortions falls on
ninth week of pregnancy. If you feel pulling or
colic pains – immediately go to the doctor! Timely
qualified help often helps save pregnancy from

Necessary medical supervision

On данном сроке организм будущей матери уже начинает потихоньку
prepare for future breastfeeding of offspring and begins
produce placental lactogen – a hormone that prepares
chest to lactation. However, in women with diabetes, such
hormone can cause pregnancy complications, so during this period
should closely monitor blood sugar levels. For this
the doctor will refer you for the necessary tests. Also on the ninth
week, a pregnant woman can be sent to a planned ultrasound using
which it is necessary to exclude gross malformations of the fetus.

General recommendations

In connection with pregnancy, your body appears new
needs, and your task is to ensure yourself and your baby comfortable
coexistence. Onпример, заметив увеличение и чувствительность
chest, get yourself a special supporting bra,
which will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Pick up
yourself comfortable and beautiful clothes that will not squeeze yours,
already growing little belly. Try to avoid shoes on
high heels, so as not to increase the load on the legs.

In no case do not lift weights, especially a sharp jerk,
as this can provoke a miscarriage! Also pay
attention to hygiene – if you are in public places,
try to wash your hands more often, so you can reduce the risk of infection
viruses and bacteria.

Try not to be nervous over trifles and do not forget that your
mood and emotions are transmitted to the child, so let them be

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

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  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 неделя of pregnancy


Gulya 03/28/2016 I do not feel pregnant at all! Strange
even … there is no nausea, there is no toxicosis, I treat smells as usual,
the abdomen is not yet visible … I already had all sorts of suspicions .. but the doctor
reassured, said to be happy. But how can you rejoice, if not
what, in the sense of what is not noticeable!))) Ale 28.03.2016 And for some reason I
I lost a little, instead of gaining weight … The doctor said,
that it is normal and the weight will increase further. Think too
sign up for courses for moms, still in the group of like-minded people
much easier! Katerina 03/28/2016 I do not have hemorrhoids,
but there are just problems with the chair. Need food
to correct. My husband and I signed up for the club for future parents,
we communicate, we are engaged, learned a lot of new, and in general to talk
nice to understand))) Anna 03/28/2016 It’s so great to realize
that your baby is growing! What will you give life to a real person!
I’ll think about it directly, and pride is overwhelming for all moms.
and dad too))) I try not to be nervous, not to worry about trifles, but
there are no serious reasons! Fairy 03/28/2016 Thanks for the clarification and
recommendations! I have really swollen veins and chest. Now
Be sure to buy a bra! Clothes I already wear free, although
the tummy is not yet visible. I just want to give birth so quickly !!

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