9 best tips – how to run, tolose weight

kak-pravilno-begat-chtoby-pohudetIt is known that running is the best
burner fat accumulations! Is it not possible to do it yet
more effective? Try any of these tips to further
please yourself with the results of their weight loss.

You can spend from 8.5 to 11 calories per minute, depending
on the type and pace of running. This is a pretty powerful blow to your savings.
excess calories.

When we need to burn fat or reduce our weight by
a few pounds (1 pound = 0.45 kg), then most of us use
treadmill, running in nature, outdoors and even running on

How to make your run as efficient as possible and turn you into
fat burning machine? Сколько нужно бегать, чthatбы lose weight и
why do people spending numerous hours on the treadmill and
doing a slow run, do not get the desired result?

Why monotonous running does not give effect?

There is a traditional opinion that to get rid of surplus
fat requires a slow, long run that strengthens
a heart. At this time, you need to be in the zone as long as possible.
�”Fat loss”. But why slow long run through
some time ceases to be effective?

The fact is that many of those who lose weight by running blindly
testing the tip: in order to lose weight, you have to run,
run and run. So the more you run, the more
you have to lose kilograms, right?

The only problem is that over time our body adapts to
loads. In other words, at the beginning you drop pound for pound
easy, but as the body adapts, you fall into
plateau mode (weight is worth).

The good news is that your endurance has increased, the bad –
you will have to increase the load, making it all longer and
long distances to burn an equal amount
calories as before. But not only that. You will also have to
perform the same exercises for hours to form that body,
which one you want.

So, wouldn’t it be wonderful to skip these
�”Plateau”, burning more fat and getting the same results
losing weight?

Tips to run correctly to increase burning

1. Increase the intensity of running

Когда дело касается вопроса сжигания fat, that более уместно
talking about intensity than about distance (duration
running). Instead of continuing slowly and long enough
run at steady speed, add intervals with high
intensity of running.

For example, you are jogging, at your usual pace, 60 seconds, then
increase the intensity of seconds by 30. The level of load you are
want to achieve – this is when you are out of breath, but still able
run these half a minute. Next, continue to run another 25 seconds in
your usual pace.

Studies have shown that high intensity intervals
running helps burn more fat even after your

2. New hit – the hills!

If you are used to running horizontally (on a treadmill or
flat earthen surface), add to your program
the hills to burn more calories. For varying degrees of slope
accounts for 10% of the load that helps burn calories. Even
a gentle hill increases your efforts contributing by 50%
сжиганию fat.

Run up the hill with a high intensity of 10-30 seconds,
then jog for 30-60 seconds for the body to recover. Repeat
4-12 times or in accordance with the level of their fitness.

If you are in the gym, install a treadmill with
5% slope for intense running, then reset – for running
jogging Эthat поможет не thatлько сжигать больше fat, но и также
train your abdominal muscles and buttocks.

3. Include explosive jerks in your run!

These tricks, whether loved or not, are popular in
the world of sports, as they work! You can burn fat better
increasing at times to explosive your pace and your

Add jerks-accelerations to your cardio training. That’s great
way to increase the intensity of running. 4. Running upstairs

So, have you mastered running over the hills and are now looking for a new load?
Maybe it’s time to pay attention to the stairs.

Ladder stairs – one of the best types of running and all
special exercises that you do. Extremely simple
way: run up the stairs, then slowly go down,
jogging down. But you need to be extremely careful
doing this exercise. Look carefully at the steps!

If you thought running through the hills was difficult, then this exercise would be
beat on your excess fat deposits much more powerful. It
make your workouts much more efficient.

5. Do not forget about strength training!

Working with weights trains your muscles more successfully, because
muscles continue to burn fat even during your rest after
workout. The stronger the load during your classes, the more
вы сожжете fat в сосthatянии покоя.

In fact, you speed up your metabolism. But not only.
If you do strength training for 20 minutes or more, that
burn all glycogen stores (energy from carbohydrates). Continuing
to train, you in the future will force the body to burn fat from

Important advice: use difficult exercises with free
весами (гантелями) и делайте медленные повthatрения. Challenging
упражнения используют группы мускулов, а медленные повthatры
increase the load by 50%. 6. Make a variety of

Вспомните, как быстро организм адаптируется к loads. If a
недавно вы добавляли интервалы с высокой интенсивностью бега, that
Complete your classes with a long distance jogging once a day.
a week

If a следуете программе силовых тренировок – измените
exercises, weights (dumbbells on the barbell) and intensity. You can
даже попробовать сложную систему Табата, коthatрая не дает телу
adjust by adding every few weeks a new and
experimenting with the results.

7. Make the world around you a gym

No opportunity to attend a fitness club or gym? No problems!
Используйте скамью, на коthatрой после отжиманий можете перейти к
training triceps. Эthat можно выполнить после высокоинтенсивной

Start with a run on the stairs, go to the squats and finish
упражнениями на пресс, коthatрые устроят бойкот вашим жировым

8. Бегайте наthatщак

Исследования Техасского Университета показали, чthat еда перед
тренировкой замедляет процесс термогенеза (сжигания fat). В that
время как ученые из Университета в Глазгоу выявили, чthat workout
наthatщак приводят к усиленной потере жировых запасов и уменьшению
содержания fat в крови.

Другими словами, тренируясь перед завтраком наthatщак, вы сжигаете
больше fat из depot. However, if you are going to spend a long
и напряженную тренировку, that в ее середине вам необходимо пополнить
запасы гликогена, чthatбы не ухудшить endurance. It turns out
snack during classes does not affect the process

Совет: чашка черного кофе при эthatм может дополнительно
stimulate fat metabolism, leading to greater fat loss

9. Делайте перерывы, чthatбы эффективно сжигать жир

Японские ученые доказали, чthat те, кthat вмесthat 60 минут
trains two times in 30 times, including between classes rest during
20 minutes, lose fat mass faster.

Чthat эthat значит для вас? You will lose weight faster
если разделите время workout на 2 части и добавите паузу для
rest between them. For example, in the first part – warm up and light.
силовые упражнения, затем отдых, а во вthatрой – высокоинтенсивная

Try using any of our tips for your
спортивных занятий и thatгда вопрос: помогает ли бег lose weight, будет
для вас иметь thatлько положительный ответ!

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