6 reasons to get your child the seamumps

Sun, Aug. 24, 2014

Animals have a positive effect on the home atmosphere, on the relationship
in the family, help to recharge positive emotions and relax
after a hard day. And especially beneficial pets affect
on children: teach them to take care of their neighbors, bring up responsibility
and kindness.

If you want to make a child a wonderful gift – home
pet, however, to determine who exactly will become a new member
your family, you can not, we advise you to look at the sea

Why precisely to them? There are several reasons for this.

Guinea pigs are extremely affectionate and friendly. They adore
sit on the hands of the owner, love when they are stroked and scratched.
Guinea pigs are even capable of purring with pleasure. These
animals can respond to their name and learn a couple of simple
teams. Training Guinea Pigs will bring children and adults to the sea

Breeders bred many guinea pig breeds that
differ in length and structure of wool. Each breed can
boast a large variety of colors. You can pick up
себе mumps по вкусу.

Exhibitions are held among owners of purebred guinea pigs and
contests. Trekking on such events can be a great hobby,
serve as a reason for useful dating. Most likely, you will lead
вторую или даже третью mumps, а потом, возможно, захотите
breed animals of a certain breed.

Unlike hamsters and mice, guinea pigs live quite
long. With good content, their life expectancy is usually
is 6-8 years. This is comparable to the life of some breeds.

The cage with guinea pig and wool of the animal itself do not publish
unpleasant smell. You will immediately feel the difference, if up to pigs
kept hamsters or rabbits. Of course, the cell must be regularly
чистить, а mumps купать при необходимости.

Guinea pigs are diurnal. And sleep at night. it
It means that they will not wake you up by arranging in the middle of the night “merry
starts, as chinchillas do, for example.

If you want to purchase a healthy animal, contact
specialized clubs and breeding nurseries
guinea pigs. Не стоит покупать mumps в зоомагазине или на
poultry market. Nursery owners will always help you choose a pet.
will give advice on care.

The guinea pig will be the favorite of the whole family and will give a lot
happy moments.

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