5 interesting facts for the traveler

Wed, Dec 28, 2016

Can tourism facilities not just be beautiful and
fascinating, but also amazing? If you think not
or doubt it, then answer positively, having learned about such
things like:

1. Tap water – in Europe you can find several fountains,
made in the form of an ordinary crane that hangs in the air. Such
objects can be met in the water park of Cadiz (Spain), on the island
Tenerife (Spain), Zurich (Switzerland), Canada and
Black Sea coast. The fountain operates smoothly and takes
first place in the list of optical illusions.

2. Crab migration – lovers of everything alive equate
migration of crabs to a miracle of nature. This event occurs on
Christmas Island in Australia where the number of crabs totals
about 120 million. They are the real masters.
Islands and the main attraction of the island – by
approximate calculations for one crab accounts for one
square meter island. The island’s purity also indirectly belongs
crabs – because some species feed on fallen leaves, rotting
fruits of trees and even the remnants of bird corpses.

3. Another amazing place is in the US between borders.
States of Utah and Arizona – here you can see the “stone waves”. These
arrays resemble frozen waves that have turned to stone. On
in fact, the monolith is coagulated sand which
It has been compressed for millions of years and polished with streams of water.
�”Stone waves” are protected, because monolith is very fragile – because
no more than 20 people pass on this per day.

4. In Mauritania (Africa) you can find the famous “eye of the Sahara”
or “eye of the planet.” This object under the official name
�The “Rishat Structure” is a ring structure with a diameter
50 km. Formation can be seen even from space, because of what astronauts
sometimes guided by it when landing. In the center of the structure
a hotel is built, and travel agencies offer safaris in
the locality.

5. The Tianzishan Mountains served as a prototype for creating the terrain.
in the famous film “Avatar”. Incredible mountains-columns of sandstone
reach a height of 800 meters. Moreover, the area is growing.
over 770 plant species, some of which only grow


Anna Snitkina 05/28/2016 Very interesting tap-fountain) Interesting,
where such can be found on the Black Sea coast?

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