4 proven ways to straighten hair afterperm waving

Many women want resilient tresses, while others dream of
straight hair … So I want to say: well, here we are –
mysterious! In any case, both options are quite achievable: good
the hairdresser will work wonders: beautiful curls and smooth as silk

I want to change the hair color – not a problem either. 15 minutes and
the brunette will become blonde and vice versa. And for someone it becomes
topical next question: how to straighten hair after a chemical

The reasons for this decision may be different: the quality did not suit
curls, curls lost their shape, in the end – changed
mood. But almost all women know that chemical
Curling weakens the hair very much, and straightening –
the procedure is far from useful, the hair becomes thinner and

However, for those who still very much want – such
opportunity there. Even four.

How to straighten hair after “chemistry”?

  1. So, the first way. By the time it gives the fastest effect,
    but the shortest is straightening with an electric ironing device.
    With a little effort, passing the hair between the hot
    press ironing, hair straightened. Effect of this way
    persists for several days.
  2. The second method is using a chemical composition that
    наносят на hair. Then use the latch, and at the end –
    air conditioning. It is usually used sodium hydroxide, which
    straightens even the strongest curls, and ammonium thioglyconate. Because
    the first drug literally turns hair into a tow –
    self-respecting manufacturers of chemicals for straightening have long been
    refused to use it.
  3. The third way that is used on hard hair is
    the use of hydroxide rectifiers.
  4. The last, fourth method is the most delicate and recommended
    for weak and damaged hair. Chemical is also used.
    The composition, which includes disulfide and ammonium sulfide.

After any of the ways the hair will require the most careful
relationship: you can’t wash your hair for the first few days (about 2-3
day), hair in tight tails or braids, use
barrettes Combing hair must be especially careful. It is impossible
some time to use a hairdryer. Hair care
It takes a lot of effort and money: nourishing and moisturizing masks
and wraps, balms and special shampoos.

And yet: try not to experiment with your
hair, any impact of hair dryers, irons, and even more so
Chemicals causes irreparable damage to the health of the hair. AND
most importantly, do not forget that each of the women is
individuality, respectively, and the reaction to the perm and
the subsequent straightening will be different.

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