33 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

W, 25 Oct 2016

Thirty-third week of pregnancy is special because your belly
has already reached its largest size – it will not grow anymore.
But this does not apply to your baby, which continues
rapidly gain weight and develop within you!


Changes in the body at the 33rd week of pregnancy

From the beginning of the pregnancy to her thirty third week
gains weight from 9.5 to 13 kilograms. Amniotic Amount
waters at this stage becomes stable, and will no longer change
right up to the birth itself. Everything gets darker longitudinal line down
from the navel, but after giving birth the skin in this place will again acquire its
normal shade. During this period, pregnant women are often tormented.
insomnia due to increased anxiety due to
upcoming births.

The state of the fetus at 33 weeks of pregnancy

Your child grows very quickly, adding every day from 15 to
30 grams of weight! Its growth during this period ranges from 40 to 43 cm, and
weight is 1800-2200 grams. Until the uterus sinks in front
childbirth, the expectant mother will often feel quite strong tremors
baby in the hypochondrium area, and even be able to discern exactly what
pushed her baby – heel or elbow!

The heart of your baby is almost the same as that of an adult
and differs only in a small gap between the atria. When immediately
after birth, the baby will make its first breath, this gap
will close. Immune, central nervous and endocrine systems
baby continue to grow rapidly.

Possible feelings on the 33rd week of pregnancy

Due to the already rather heavy tummy that binds
movements and pressure on other organs, the future mother is often disturbed
discomfort in the pelvic region, back and chest. At night
frequent urination can lift you out of bed by
five or six times, not letting you fall asleep. In addition, you become very
hard to find a comfortable position for sleep, which would be convenient and
you and the baby. Try to sleep on your side, putting one under the belly
a small pillow, and a second one arranged between the legs.

In the last months of pregnancy, many women experience swelling,
not only the legs, but also the mucous membranes. It may
expressed, for example, in the constant congestion of the ears and nose. With this
be sure to fight, because difficulty breathing reduces
intake of oxygen necessary for the child, and can cause
hypoxia. The doctor will advise you what to do in this

At 33 weeks, there is still the danger of late toxicosis,
which is hard tolerated by both mother and child. So watch out
for your well-being, and in case of any ailments do not pull
with a visit to the doctor.

Necessary medical supervision

At this crucial time you should frequent the female
consultation and do not neglect the recommendations of physicians regarding
additional tests. Especially important in this period
monitor urine protein levels and blood sugar levels
A boost can be a wake-up call. During a visit to the doctor
it necessarily makes appropriate measurements of the uterus, your
weight, blood pressure, and each time listening
fetal heartbeat.

The position of the baby in the uterus is also constantly monitored – it
should be head down. Ultrasound in this
period can tell a lot about the condition of your child, his
development, position in the uterus. In addition, ultrasound will show, no
whether the fetal neck of the fetus is umbilical cord. However, if this is so, then
there is a high probability that by the time of
the birth of the umbilical cord unwinds itself, and delivery will take place

General recommendations

Your body is actively preparing for childbirth, so you on this
during pregnancy, you need to rest and recruit as much as possible
forces. Probably by this time you have already developed the optimum for
yourself diet and daily routine – stick to it and on,
trying not to overload the body with heavy food and physical
loads. It’s time to decide whether your birth will take place
together with a partner or not, and also choose the one that suits you
maternity hospital. Since before the onset of labor activity is not so
a lot of time, you should not go long distances.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

  • First week of pregnancy
  • 2 week of pregnancy
  • 3 week of pregnancy
  • 4 week of pregnancy
  • 5 week of pregnancy
  • 6 week of pregnancy
  • 7 week of pregnancy
  • 8 week of pregnancy
  • 9 week of pregnancy
  • 10 week of pregnancy
  • 11 week of pregnancy
  • 12 week of pregnancy
  • 13 week of pregnancy
  • 14 week of pregnancy
  • 15 week of pregnancy
  • 16 week of pregnancy
  • 17 week of pregnancy
  • 18 week of pregnancy
  • 19 week of pregnancy
  • 20 week of pregnancy
  • 21 weeks gestation
  • 22 week of pregnancy
  • 23 week of pregnancy
  • 24 week of pregnancy
  • 25 week of pregnancy
  • 26 week of pregnancy
  • 27 week of pregnancy
  • 28 week of pregnancy
  • 29 week of pregnancy
  • 30 week of pregnancy
  • 31 weeks of pregnancy
  • 32 week of pregnancy
  • 33 week of pregnancy
  • 34 week of pregnancy
  • 35 week of pregnancy
  • 36 week of pregnancy
  • 37 week of pregnancy
  • 38 week of pregnancy
  • 39 week of pregnancy
  • 40 week of pregnancy


Violet 06/04/2016 I had a light 33 week pregnancy
toxicosis. This is what I definitely did not expect at this time! Not like that
strong, of course, as at first, but still … no
we did not buy items and accessories in advance. But repair in
child made, especially since the room used to belong
boy, and now we were waiting for a girl. Diana 04/06/2016 I’m still
I passed additional tests, even though friends told me that
this is not necessary. Still, I think that you need to do everything
necessary for the safety and development of the child. Pass tests –
this is the least i can do for him. Katerina 04/06/2016
Heartburn, of course, strong. I didn’t know what it was before pregnancy
such And now, sometimes I’m even afraid to eat something. And legs
get tired very much, just like an old woman I feel))) But now
I know – how hard for older people. Natalya 04/06/2016 Kicks still
as! All day does not give me rest! True, he sleeps at night with
me))) Belly has grown very much, I am afraid of stretch marks now. I’m trying
keep fit – go to the pool, but still stouter.
Vlada 04/06/2016 Yeah … I have to run to the toilet all day. I
I can’t even take a walk outside on the street – just get out and on
to you … Therefore, basically, I spend time on the balcony – and the air, and
the toilet is at hand))) And how does it move there !! Straight

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