29 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 29th week of pregnancy.

Wed, Oct 26, 2016

The third trimester is a responsible time for a pregnant woman,
the future mother has already managed to get used to the fact that in her womb
there is a full-fledged child who constantly reminds of his
presence All thoughts of the fair sex are busy
upcoming births …

Changes in the body at the 29th week of pregnancy

The 29th week for a pregnant woman is not quite a quiet time,
the problem is that blood circulation in the body reaches its
maximum, this phenomenon leads to deterioration of well-being and
very tired, it seems that mother nature itself
sends the future mother on maternity leave.

To prevent dangerous situations in the form of heart attacks and
strokes, the body automatically lowers blood pressure,
This process is carried out through the fact that the placenta
increases the production of the hormone progesterone, which contributes
dilation of blood vessels and facilitate the movement of blood through them. Not worth it
be surprised if you notice on your feet, hands, or stomach
prominent veins, this is precisely the visual manifestation
body reactions to excessive blood activity

Along with a decrease in pressure in the 29th week
decrease in hemoglobin level, which is confirmed by the results
tests that a pregnant woman systematically gives. Highly
it is important to increase hemoglobin in time, this is relevant not only from the point
view of the health and well-being of the expectant mother, but also in order to
prevent hypoxia in a child.

The state of the fetus in the 29th week of pregnancy

The growth of the baby by the 29th week reaches 26 centimeters, weight
ranges from 1300 to 1500 grams. The problem is
the fetus already feels a certain discomfort due to lack of space in
the womb, the process feels and a pregnant woman. Future mom
begins to notice not the twists and turns of a baby, but his blows
arms and legs, and, quite strong. There are times when
movements of the child are so active that they appear on the stomach
serious bumps at the moment when the fetus is actively trying
expand your space.

As for the formation of the baby himself, the main distinctive
The feature of the 29th week is that the immune is finally formed
the system and even in the case of premature birth the baby is very
high chances of survival, of course, with proper care.

Many pregnant women do not understand why they have
the need to constantly run to the toilet for a small need, the fact is
that in the 29th week the formed and functioning buds of the future
baby emit about 1/2 liter of urine.

Possible feelings on the 29th week of pregnancy

Fatigue is the first sign of the 29th week, her pregnant woman
feels a few hours after sleep, this state
occurs due to active blood circulation. Often happen
swelling and heartburn due to low hemoglobin levels may occur
fainting, dizziness and slight nausea.

Not worth it пугаться, если вдруг заметите сильные сокращения матки,
this process is called BraxtonHicks contractions, it is not dangerous
for the baby, so the body of a pregnant woman is preparing for
the upcoming kind. It is only necessary to sound the alarm if
a period of intense uterine contractions appeared bleeding from
vagina, then urgently call an ambulance and go to
hospital to prevent miscarriage or premature labor.

There is a certain psychological discomfort because
thoughts of forthcoming births are constantly overwhelmed, fears do not give rest
about the health and well-being of the baby. Many future moms are not sure
that they can cope with the postpartum period, especially in those
cases when a pregnant woman has no husband or relatives

Necessary medical supervision

Any special medical procedures for the 29th week are not
assigned, examination is limited to routine urinalysis and
blood, as well as routine inspection in the gynecologist’s office. results
tests often show low hemoglobin
expectant mother try to quickly raise it with the help of products
nutrition, vitamin and mineral complexes.

General recommendations

Recommendations for a pregnant woman who is at the 29th week
are to maintain proper diet,
take walks in the fresh air and fully relax.
The actual use of protein and calcium, because the muscles of the fetus
constantly growing, they need high-quality nutrition.

If after walking you feel very tired, lie down on
bed and put your feet on a cushion or blanket so that
they were above the level of the heart. In hot weather, relieve fatigue
and swelling helps cool foot bath.

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