28 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andsensations in the 28th week of pregnancy.

W, 25 Oct 2016

Completes the second trimester of pregnancy, your baby in the womb
feels great: the brain develops huge
pace, light “dissolved” and almost ready to function
in midair. If the child is born on this term,
he has great chances to survive thanks to the vigilance of mom and
timely intervention of doctors.

Changes in the body at the 28th week of pregnancy

By this period, the uterus of a pregnant woman increases by four.
times At week 28, the transition from the second to the third
trimester, and mom’s condition in terms of preterm labor is somewhat
is improving. As the child grows, the pressure on the diaphragm increases.
As a result, breathing becomes shallow, heavy and
frequent In order to prevent the development of fetal hypoxia, the expectant mother
should spend as much time as possible in the fresh air,
walk, but not to the detriment of the legs. Too long walks can
provoke varicose veins. During this period begins to increase
fatigue, so pregnant women will increasingly attend desire
lie down, rest. It is a natural state to prevent
which is not worth it. In addition, gradually increasing
metabolism and work of sweat glands.

Fetus condition at 28 weeks gestation

From week 28 a small puzozhitel starts diligently.
explore the surrounding space. While he still has enough space
for active movements, the kid grabs his legs, squeezes his fingers in
cams, trying to “play” with the umbilical cord, grimaces and even
smiles – his facial muscles are fully formed, pens and
the legs are stronger, and the body looks more proportionate to
head. Favorite baby occupation at this time – sucking big
finger. It soothes him, and also helps to strengthen
cheek muscles, which will undoubtedly be useful to him in the process of pulling
milk from the breast (bottle). Physiological weight norm for
baby on the 28th week of pregnancy varies from 1000 to 1300 gr., and
height – between 32-35 cm. The child has not yet fully decided
with a position in the uterus: it can lie like a head to the birth canal,
so head up. However, do not worry about this
– the baby has enough time to roll over.

Possible feelings on the 28th week of pregnancy

The kid becomes so playful that his pushes, kicks
and “tumbling” can cause discomfort in the mother or lungs
painful sensations. The peak of its activity, as a rule, falls on
evening. As soon as the child starts to make a row, lie down on the sofa,
stroke your tummy and talk gently with the baby, sing it
soothing little song or tell a fairy tale. Believe he
sure to hear you. With the increase of the term, the future mother can
bother with swelling, so doctors strongly recommend from the end
second trimester to adjust fluid intake as well
reduce the amount of salt consumed.

Required medical surveillance at week 28
of pregnancy

Ultrasonography at week 28, in principle, not shown, if not available
any pathology of the development of the fetus or placenta. Concerning
tests, then if the pregnant woman has a negative Rh factor,
it will be sent to donate blood for antibodies (to eliminate
rhesus conflict). Also, if necessary, a general analysis is examined.
urine (checks the work of the kidneys) and blood (checks the level


Если в 28 недель of pregnancy начинает болеть живот (речь идет
not pulling sensations, namely about pain not related to physical
activity), it means the likelihood of premature birth.
In this case, it is necessary not to turn to a gynecologist, but
promptly call an ambulance. The situation is complicated and
blood-watery secretions that also predict a threat
premature contractions. If you notice in your selection
of this kind, do not try to take everything to chance. The best,
what can be done is to call an ambulance immediately. The main thing is not
panic and everything will end well.

General recommendations

Great attention should be paid to the position of the body during sleep. On
stomach already obviously not sleep, and a long stay on the back causes
severe back pain and poor circulation. Therefore, the most
the optimal position is recognized during sleep – lying on its side
(preferably on the left) with the knee folded to the chest – just such
position provides maximum comfort for mom and baby.

Since the end of the second trimester, the intensive growth of the fetus causes
the need for a pregnant woman to increase the amount consumed
calories up to 3000 per day. And this must be done not at the expense of
roasted, sweet, flour and salty, but at the expense of the “right”
carbohydrates, moderate amounts of fat and protein, so necessary
for the growth and development of the child.

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LediDi 29.03.2016 28 week – до дембеля совсем немного осталось.
Very longing for heels and coffee. And how much hardship will be when
I will feed. Here are the children how to get! Katyusha 03/29/2016 Buyanit –
it’s about my baby. He does not allow me to watch the news, but
like “Let’s get married” and the medical series “Sklifosovsky”.
Zanosina 03/29/2016 Thanks to the author: reassured, advised,
paid attention to all the most important. Every new day brings
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As correctly noted in the article. It becomes a lot of walking
hard I breathe like a locomotive, and my eyes are looking for a decent bench!
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A special set of exercises to turn over. Do bye
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