26 week of pregnancy. Fetal development andfeelings on the 26th week of pregnancy.

W, 25 Oct 2016

At the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, the baby has already developed its
individual sleep and wakefulness. He periodically rests,
gaining new strength, which then briskly spends on time training
in my mother’s tummy. The kid actively moves, tumbles,
jostling, kicking and even sometimes jumping. You can even
trace the child’s reaction to loud music, bright lights or others
external stimuli. This period of pregnancy is one of the most
fascinating periods for knowledge of addictions and peculiarities
my child It is already possible to determine his taste preferences and
factors that can calm him down or vice versa
stir up.


Child development at week 26

The weight of the child reaches nine hundred grams, and height – twenty five
centimeters. It is constantly growing and developing. Fruit on this
term – this is a full-fledged little man, all systems
whose life is fully formed. Even the baby’s sleep,
as an adult, divided into fast and slow phases. Surely
Many women have already listened to how the baby heart beats.
The frequency of his hits is 120-160 beats per one minute.

The kid already has its own and unique features. Until
his body is still rather thin, but it gradually grows
fat so that by the end of the term the baby looked like a pretty chubby.
It is likely that he can already distinguish the voices of relatives and close people.
and unmistakably distinguish among them the most important – the maternal voice.
It is necessary to spend as much time as possible talking to
babe, stroking the belly and saying that your child is the most
the best and long-awaited.

Changes in the female body at week 26

At this week of pregnancy, the female belly is significantly
increases in size, because, respectively, the growth of the child
the uterus stretches and the placenta grows. Some pregnant women
the time of movement of the baby begin to feel pain in the hypochondrium
area and lower abdomen. In addition, sometimes painful
sensations in the back, and nasal and gingival

Due to the accumulation of fluid in the body, a frequent companion of pregnant women
women are swelling of the legs and arms. In addition, at this stage
cramping of limbs caused by a lack of calcium and
an excess of phosphorus in the mother’s body. In order to specified
unpleasant symptoms disappeared, you need to enrich your food
a diet containing calcium and limit the use of those
products that contain phosphates. It is very important to comply
the correct mode of work and rest. For a period of twenty six weeks
pregnant women need a full sleep, at least eight hours in
day, regular walks in fresh air and moderate physical

Dangerous symptoms

Careful attention should be given to the feeling of constant gravity.
lower abdomen, it may indicate a cervical
failure, which is characterized by gradual and
premature disclosure of the cervical canal of the cervix. Him
incomplete closure creates favorable conditions for entry
inward uterine infections that often lead to early
discharge of amniotic fluid and the onset of premature birth
activities. The cause of late toxicosis of pregnancy can be
excessive weight gain, high blood pressure and
inflammatory processes in the kidneys. This state
may pose a serious threat to the health and life of the child, and require
immediate medical supervision.

Signs of infection in the genital tract are purulent,
mucous and cheesy discharge. The appearance of whiter requires
additional research of the microflora of the female vagina, analysis
smears and blood. Intrauterine infection of the fetus is for
it is very dangerous and can lead to developmental delays and
growth, and in more severe cases, even to his death. The reason
bleeding from the vagina may be placental abruption or
her presentation. Such bleeding sometimes takes threatening
scale, so you need to lie down and immediately call a doctor.

Analyzes and surveys at this stage

In the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, a woman will need
once again visit a gynecologist who will conduct standard
blood pressure measurement, mark weight gain, measure
abdominal circumference and height of the bottom of the uterus, as well as listen
fetal heartbeat. Before a visit to the doctor will need to do
routine urinalysis, and according to existing indications and blood analysis
to determine the level of sugar. In case of multiple pregnancies
at this time, the future mother will need to prepare everything
necessary documents for registration of maternity leave.

Weekly pregnancy calendar:

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  • 40 неделя of pregnancy


Musya 09.06.2016 And we love little spicy potatoes with some water, fanta and
ice cream, real woman))) sleep only on the left side on the right
does not give, is happy when our daddy is near, when he strokes us and
kisses, rock music)))) with the names of the dispute, too, Pelageya and my Sophia, and
when our daddy asks “pelageyushka how are you”? or “give mom
lugs “begins to dance strongly jump)))) I can not wait my
daughter would rather be September RitTa 03/29/2016 And we choose
Names, the baby does not show the gender, therefore we consider both male and
female options. I like Varenka and Timur, and my husband – Diana and
Seva. How will we agree – I do not know :))) Smorodina 03/29/2016
Thanks to the article, ready for 26 week at 100%. I recognize
my crumb’s preferences: she likes pears, fun dance
music and fresh air of the park where I walk. Dina 03/29/2016 I have
there will be a boy and another boy. My main task is to reach
end of term. Now I am making the decree, I will walk more and
relax. Asya 03/29/2016 I put on too much weight, I should
stop, but so want to eat. All: Monday enrolled in
the pool and persuade myself to eat less flour especially!

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