15 interesting facts about sweets

15 interesting facts about sweets

Today it is difficult to imagine any holiday
without cake, sweets and other sweets, they are also present in
the daily menu of almost any family, especially the one where there is
Small children. The windows of shops and pastry represented
a large selection of sweets, however, more recently about such
diversity everyone could only dream, and the attitude towards them was
slightly different.

Did you know that:

1. The first candy was made for medicinal purposes,
The term “candy” was used by pharmacists and meant ground in
jam fruit.

2. Presumably the first candies made
Egyptians, dates and honey were major

3. In Kievan Rus for making sweets
used maple syrup, honey and molasses.

4. Recognized as the most romantic candy filling
strawberry It is also found that people with strong character
prefer candy with cherry filling, nutty
preferred by people prone to shyness, and coconut, most often
consumed by those who have the creative potential.

5. Until the 20th century, there were no factories in the Russian Empire,
where sweets were made. Therefore, they were made to order, and
The recipe was kept in the strictest confidence. At celebrations often
one could see a lady secretly putting sweets in her

6. In 1663 in Germany to meet the French
invented praline. These candies were an unprecedented success, and now
they stay on top of the top of this

7. The weight of the biggest candy box reaches
eight hundred kilograms, it was made for the popular culinary

8. The biggest candy recognized as a bear, it weighs
more than 630 kg. To make it needed a form, weighing in
four tons, it poured fruit mass, which took
two weeks to dry.

9. In Finland, sweets are popular;
unconventional taste: sour and salty, and offer gourmet
sweets with taste of oil. Bavaria is famous for candy with beer
the filling, and the French savor sweets with cheese filling. Can
to meet an analogue of sweets from the Harry Potter movie – candies have
as standard tastes, and quite exotic: vomit,
the secret of the skunk and the rotten egg.

10. The emblem of Chupa-Chups was painted by a famous artist.
Salvador Dali. And this lollipop became famous after
traveled to space. In 1995, the space station was
delivered candy. How the astronauts ate these candies was recorded
on video and shown on TV, such an advertisement brought Chupa-Chups
truly unearthly glory.

11. One of the most expensive candies sold in
Switzerland, they are in edible wrappers interspersed
natural gold. The cost of a box of candy reaches hundreds

12. Belgian sweets are not made on
factories, they are produced in private pastry shops, most often at
manufacturing applied manual labor. Therefore, find candy,
whose value does not exceed 20 euros, in this country is very
not so easy.

13. During the Christmas holidays,
more than 36 tons of sweets are eaten by the French, which is four times more
weight of the Eiffel Tower.

14. In some Asian countries such is popular.
sweetness like insects in chocolate.

15. Swedish scientists have proven that
bitter chocolate people with heart disease at least eight times a
month, reduces the risk of cardiac death
attack by 70%.

It is proved that the use of sweets contributes
improve performance and can energize. Those who
prone to depression should pay attention to sweets, so
how do they increase the blood levels of the hormone

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