12 will take and superstitions about ceilings, floors and walls.Is it true that cracks in the floor bring financial trouble?

Вт, 19 дек 2017 Автор: Оксана Рудяк

The basis of any home is its walls, ceilings and
floors. Not only depends on their condition and appearance.
psychological state, but also the energy of the premises. It is important that
she was positive and had no holes through which she was capable
leak out negative energy.

Negative can come from the outside, but more often it is formed
inside the premises.

If you follow certain rules for repair, decoration and
decoration of ceilings, walls and floors, you can
prevent the formation of negative energy in
house / apartment.

6 positive superstitions

1. Mark the floor towards the center of the room.
It is necessary to begin revenge from baseboards and the front door, collecting
trash in the middle of the room. If in the process of sweeping garbage on a scoop,
mentally or aloud to say “I am lucky,” there will always be
to reign the atmosphere of goodwill and mutual respect.

2. Small crosses will help protect the home from witchcraft forces.
drawn in chalk at the corners of the ceiling. They may be altogether
imperceptible, it is absolutely unimportant. Notice how they lead
yourself guests who are in the room where there are on the ceiling
crosses. If they suddenly become ill or they begin to show
absent-mindedness, it means they wish you evil.

3. In order to attract monetary energy to yourself, revet walls
need clockwise. Moreover, it is desirable to start from above,
that is, from the ceiling, gradually moving towards the floor. The most
The colors of the finishing materials for walls are green,
yellow, orange and brown.

4. In the bedroom where the lovers sleep, before the bed, which
the sides do not touch the walls, there should be two mats
on both sides. In this case, the spouses will never lose interest.
to each other, in their relationship will always be present understanding
and love.

5. To preserve and strengthen the relationship between people living
under the same roof, it is important that at least one be installed in the ceiling
lamp. This may be a banal chandelier or LED lamp.
– never mind. The light illuminating the room, as it were, will give
the space around and everyone who is in the room is positive

6. A welcome sign is the presence of numerous
shelves nailed to the walls. Each design can be perfectly fit
shelves on which to place figurines, books, vases of flowers,
magazines and other items. In such a dwelling there will always be wealth, and
its inhabitants will never have to suffer from lack of money.

6 negative signs

1. Small items (husks from seeds, paper clips, groats),
scattered on the floor, you need to immediately remove. The longer they will be
stay on the floor, the more negatives will accumulate in the room. This
optics predict quarrels between households.

2. After the death of the owner can not whiten the ceiling for a year and
more. This will attract mortal energy in the home. As a result
everyone who lives in the house will often get sick. Quite possible
development of chronic pathologies that will be difficult to subject
traditional treatment.

3. Decorating the interior with paintings, you can not hang them on the walls
crosswise. Otherwise, you risk bringing yourself and
all family members trouble. It is said that the dwelling in which on
the walls of the picture are arranged in such a way on the energy level
attracts burglar thieves.

4. We must not allow holes to appear in the floor covering.
Even small cracks will contribute to the fact that the dwelling starts to leak
positive energy. This may cause
troubles, debts, disagreements between households.

5. A bad sign is considered to be ceiling finishing materials.
black color. At twilight it will seem that the room
plunges into a bottomless pit. Such a ceiling can cause
various ills and health problems. First alarm
is a deterioration of health, dizziness, hallucinations,
weakness, loss of appetite.

6. Do not allow half of the heads sticking out of the walls.
nails that are there without need. That is, they do not
involved as hooks or holders of paintings and shelves.
So you put your fate to the test. By the people
They say that you can “pin” yourself and your luck to the wall. Eventually
you will not be lucky in life. Nails in the walls need
get rid.

Do you believe in superstition and omens? Decide of course
you. Someone considers them a prejudice that is not worthy of attention. But
how then to explain that after the start of compliance will take many
have people changed for the better?

Problems resolved, home scandals ceased, improved
state of health and health in general, personal life has been adjusted. Not
should make of will and superstition cult, but also listen to
popular belief still stands. After all, to improve comfort and
finding happiness can and should use all available

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