10 useful tips on how to entertain your childhouses

Mon, 30 May 2016 Alas, but the summer months, which with such
impatiently waiting for the kids – these are not only bright sunny days.
The weather is unpredictable and likes to give surprises that break
our plans. And instead of a fun walk, sometimes you have to sit all
a day in four walls. What is to inspire little fidget?
We offer you 10 interesting tips on how to take
ребёнка houses.

1. Goldfish

In the fourth part of the glass of cool water, add dry gelatin
(10 grams) and wait until it swells well. Then
heat the water to about 50 degrees and watch the gelatin – it
must completely dissolve. Pour the solution in a thin layer on
polyethylene and let it dry completely. Should get
thin leaf, from which you can cut a wonderful fish.
Suggest the child to breathe on it and he will probably be delighted,
when he sees that the fish began to squirm.

2. Paraffin Islands

Pour water in a saucer, paint it with paints in blue or green
– what happened? Right, the sea. Then берём свечку, ждём пока
paraffin will melt, turn the candle over the “sea” so
way that paraffin gets into the water. If you change the height of the candle,
then you can get fancy “islands” that are beautiful
connect with each other. Show some imagination and you
get a real sea with “coral” islets.

3. Magic water

Pour water into a glass or jar and throw a pill into it.
phenolphthalein. It can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. Get
clear liquid, but if you add to it a solution of the usual
drinking soda, the liquid will turn pink-raspberry. Admiring
on the magic, add there citric acid or vinegar –
the solution will discolor again.

4. Salt wonders

Prepare saturated brine. Remember – when adding
in the prepared solution of a new portion of salt, it should not
dissolve. Then lower the wire with an eyelet on it at the end.
After some time, crystals will appear on the loop.
Experiment with your child: try dipping into the solution,
let’s say a wool thread, then the crystals will be distributed differently.

5. Real Volcano

Put soda in a saucer and water it slowly with vinegar. Reaction
will certainly hit your child, and maybe you. Content
saucers will start to boil and foaming large bubbles. Can strengthen
effect – make a plastic “volcano” and place it on soda, and
pour vinegar straight into the hole of the volcano. Believe you expects
just a fantastic sight!

6. Secret Letter

Make it in two ways. First: dip a brush in
milk, take white paper and calmly write your secret
message. Let the letter dry. Can’t see anything, right? BUT
now iron the letter with a hot iron and read on health.
The second way: write a message with lemon juice. To his
read enough to moisten the text with water, in which it is necessary
dissolve a few drops of iodine.

7. Flowers on the water

From colored paper cut flowers with long petals.
Using a pencil, twist them to the center and lower this.
colorful beauty into the water. In just a few minutes you are already
You can admire the blooming flower petals. Similar
the effect you can get if you watch the usual pine
cones. Offer the child to put one bump on a hot battery.
– and she will reveal her scales, and leave another cone in the bathroom – and
her scales will close.

8. Color stains

If you like to take a bath with colored salt, you can come up with
very exciting game. Type in the bath water and pour into it
salt. The child will love to watch the salt disappear on
eyes, leaving behind color zigzags. The sight turns out
really beautiful and unusual.

9. Homemade Clouds

Type in a jar of 3 liters of hot water (about 2.5
centimeter). Then положите кубики льда на противень и установите
him on the jar. The air inside the can will cool
climbing up. BUT водяной пар, который содержится в воздухе,
will condense, forming a cloud.

10. Coca-Cola Fountain

You’d be surprised, but Coca-Cola reacts in a very peculiar way to the pastilles.
“Mentos”. If the pastilles are slightly crushed and placed in a liter
a bottle of Coca-Cola, from it will score a real fountain! Only,
please be prudent and enjoy the effect on
the street. He will surely surpass all yours, even the bravest ones

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