10 reasons not to love England

Fri, 17 Jan 2014 England … Foggy Albion, Oscar’s birthplace
Wilde, Princess Diana and Elton John. The country that gave us
Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. The place where they sought and
former Russian oligarchs, such as Boris Berezovsky and
Evgeny Chichvarkin. England went down in history and its jokes
unshakable traditions, universities, stiffness,
calmness, respect for etiquette. This is all that arises in
head of any person with the word “England” and that is what we expect
See, having visited this surprisingly damp, foggy place, so
alluring with its age-old inviolability. But did you know that:

1. Медицина

In the case of even the common cold, it will not be so
simple: there are very few doctors in budget clinics. Phoned
before the registration of the free clinic, the maximum that you hear –
this is an infinite number of recommendations and a call back proposal
The next day, in case these recommendations do not help. If a
you do not like such a red tape, and their own health causes
extreme fear, you can contact a paid clinic where you
Leave more than a round sum.

2. Стоимость проезда

The cost of one trip by bus is 1.5 pounds (75 rubles).
Daily bus trips can do a lot of damage.

3. Налоги

The UK has one of the highest tax rates in
Europe. Thus, the tax on housing is 100 (5157 rubles) pounds, and
car – about 80 (4125 rubles).

4. Холод

The houses are very badly heated. In order to avoid hypothermia in
own house will have to fork out: the electricity bill in
the winter season can easily be 300 pounds (15.5 thousand

5. Погода

Britain’s rainy weather and nebula is certainly common
a place. But you can fully experience this only after you have been
in England, where it rains almost all year round, and the temperature
winter rarely drops below 11 degrees.

6. Питание

Fans of rich Russian borscht, having arrived in the UK,
will be greatly disappointed. English cuisine is pretty sweet on
taste, for the reason that the British, trying to keep
natural taste of products, do not “spoil” them with spices and

7. Работа

Finding a good job in a short time in England is almost
is impossible. Even as a graduate, you
often, it will take about six months to wander in different companies and
ring up a lot of recruitment agencies before you get
good place with decent pay.

8. Общительность людей

The British are very closed people. They are very snobbish
to all visitors, if, however, they do not have a couple extra

9. Расписание работы
of stores

Большинство of stores закрываются в девять вечера. Did not buy food
before – your problems, endure until the morning.

10. Жилье

In the UK it is very difficult to find affordable housing.
Many visitors rent an apartment for 6-7 people, and huddle together on
30-40kv. m


Thor 03/12/2016 And where are the Ukrainians in a hurry? I mean
politicians ;-) :-) :-) :-) Sofia 09.03.2016 Strange. Reading this article at
penalty I got the impression that I live somewhere else, although
I live in the UK. 1. There are no problems with work if there are brains and
education. 2. I no longer rent an apartment, I bought it. But when she took off
there were no such horrors. So anything is possible, if there is a desire

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