10 pros and cons of liposuction

liposactsiyaConfess you
Ever thought about making liposuction?

Do you know about all the changes your body will receive?
as a result of the operation?

Do you know how much time you need to
recover from liposuction?

Below, I’m going to tell you about all the pros and cons,
which I personally researched and read on blogs of people who passed
through liposuction before.

Let’s start with the pros:


10 advantages of liposuction:

1. Конечно, главным плюсом липосакции,
surely is that it helps you build that body, oh
which you have always dreamed of.

2. Липосакция поможет убрать все ваши лишние
fat tissue forever. So your body will never
have extra fat, so this method is optimal
An option to improve your appearance.

3. Липосакция является процедурой, которая
is very popular and she is usually

4. Сразу после липосакции, большинство
patients can move around. However, an extra day
or two bed rest may be necessary. This is especially
true if a large amount of fat has been removed.

5. Результаты не заставят себя долго ждать.
Patients reported that within two or three weeks they received
visible changes.

6. В течение 2 лет после липосакции,
most people lose two thirds of their excess weight.

7. Большинство заболеваний, связанных с
obesity, including high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea,
pains in the joints after liposuction significantly reduce their
effects on the body or disappear altogether. eight.
It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems such as
heart attack.

9. Исследования показали, что те, кто похудел,
climbed the career ladder and earned more money.

10. Вы будете ощущать себя лучше, когда вы
look in the mirror. Your confidence will make you glow, well, and
of course, allow you to finally put on your favorite narrow

BUT! When there are advantages in some ways, especially in
surgery, there is always failure. Below I am going to tell you
about cons of liposuction.

10 cons of liposuction:

liposuctsiya1. Для того чтобы стать
as a candidate for surgery, you will have to
consistently suffer several setbacks in losing weight.

You will need to prove that you tried, but nothing
happened. You must also be morbidly obese, and
this means more than 50 kilograms of excess weight, depending on
your age and height.

2. Как я уже говорила, это займет две-три
weeks to see some results. However, in most
случаях  для получения итогового результата вы должны будете
wait six months to one year after surgery.

3. Этот тип процедуры может оставить некоторые
scarring. After surgery, you can return to work in a couple
days, however, a few scars and bruises on the skin during
a few months will remind you of the surgical

4. «Исцеление» происходит постепенно, и
liposuction is no exception. Your doctor after surgery may
recommend you to wear special fitting clothes
designs very similar to a belt for weight loss. This is done for
reducing swelling. You may have to wear these clothes for up to
six weeks.

5. Швы, которые вы получите в результате
liposuction of the wrong type, which dissolve themselves. You must
You will remove them about a week after the procedure.

6. Сразу после операции, вы не будете
feeling great. During the procedure, you will receive
plenty of fluid so you will most likely have to go through
some bruises and swelling. 7. Конечно, при любом
surgery you have a risk to face
some side effects. These side effects are
quite common. Vomiting is one of
main effects of liposuction.

eight. У вас может возникнуть некоторый дефицит
nutrients. This effect can lead to anemia.

9. Существует большой риск возникновения
blood clots.

10. Частым осложнением липосакции является
abdominal hernia. Rapid weight loss after this procedure can
cause gallstones.

As you can see, there are both disadvantages and advantages of liposuction.
Choose you!

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